zoe bleu arquette


Zoë Bleu Arquette is a polymath - a musician, DJ, model, actress and fashion stylist. Her beginnings into the music world are wide-shaped and humble, growing up with her father working in A&R, and her mother, Rosanna Arquette, being a DJ for infamous fashion labels such as Marc Jacobs.

Zoe originally found her calling to music and creativity when she attended the infamous Sarah Lawrence College in New York. Here she found herself drawn to the connection music played to the art she painted, the poetry she wrote, and the clothes she designed. Zoe found music to be the voice for these visual platforms, and constantly uses it as a tool to further express the moods and emotions she tries to provoke within her work.

Zoe is an open-format DJ, where her taste is wide ranging and eclectic. Zoe is as comfortable playing pop and commercial music at a dance party, as she is at creating and curating a broody atmosphere within an art gallery. Currently, Zoe has a combination of creative projects she has brewing, to be launched in 2019 via Les Filles.

To listen to Zoe's mixes, and for any booking requests please contact info@lesfilles.cc