Les Filles x Edition Hotels Sonic Branding Project

The New York Edition Hotel, is a New York iconic hotel. The music that is played within the lobby needs to reflect the breadth of what creates and gives the hotel its identity, whilst reflecting the DNA of who is the New Yorker.
Brianna Lance and Bec Adams were given this task by Ben Pundole to create this vibe within the Lobby of the hotel via one of the most important senses, the audition, aka hearing. Brianna and Bec identified that there needed to be different energy levels created for the different days and times of the week.
Collectively, the two of them curated over ten playlists that aligned the right mood to the hotel, creating a difference to the sonic experience from a guest sitting in the lobby working on a Monday morning, to a guest drinking a cocktail on Friday evening. The most important aspect to these playlists was to maintain a consistent vibe, a vibe that Brianna and Bec reflects who is The New Yorker.


On Wednesday, June 15, Alix Brown and Bec Adams collaborated with designer brand Hellessy to help launch their Resort 2018 collection. The event was held on the Terrace at 11 Howard Street.

Alex and Bec curated the music for the event, based on the design inspiration behind the collection. The main themes of this collection were poetic, ambient and dreamy.

Coverage from the event can be found on ELLEW Magazine, and images from BFA of the event here

You can catch the dreamy and poetic music from the playlist here.